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BA120PC | 120 Piece Heat Shrink Wire/Butt Connector Terminals

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Product Details
  • The shrinkage ratio is 2:1
  • No need to crimp wire together
  • Use a heat gun to evenly shrink the connectors together
  • Self-solder heat shrink butt connector

What's Included

  • 30 x White Connectors: AWG: 26-24
  • 40 x Red Connectors: AWG: 22-18
  • 40 x Blue Connectors: AWG: 16-14
  • 4.10 x Yellow Connectors: AWG: 12-10

How-to Steps

  1. Strip wire insulation with 1/3" on both wire ends. Twist the strands together
  2. Heat the shrink tubing first to fix wires, then apply heat while continuously rotating the wire to make the connector evenly heated
  3. Solder will melt and flow through the stripped wires. Allow the connector to cool down before use.